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PLEASE NOTE: Most of these books look at the big picture of HIV/AIDS and AZT in general, rather than specifically with the HIV tests or the recent HIV drugs. You can click on the title of each book for more information and where to buy it.

Are You Positive? – by Stephen Davis. (2008) Ripped from the headlines of today’s news, 26-year-old Tyree Johnson stands accused of first degree murder in a South Carolina courtroom. He was diagnosed HIV-Positive, and the prosecution claims that he infected his girlfriend, who later died, with HIV. The defense, however, claims there is reasonable doubt that Tyree’s HIV diagnosis was wrong – that, according to numerous scientific studies, the so-called “HIV tests” are fraught with errors. Furthermore, Tyree’s lawyer argues that there is no scientific evidence that HIV is transmitted by heterosexual intercourse, and that Tyree’s girlfriend died from taking lethal anti-retroviral drugs rather than from any HIV/AIDS-related illness. Based on more than 500 actual scientific studies and references, Are You Positive? raises serious questions about whether anyone has ever been properly diagnosed as HIV-Positive, and whether most AIDS victims are dying from the side-effects of the HIV medications prescribed by their doctors.


WRONGFUL DEATH: The AIDS Trial – by Stephen Davis. (2006) A fictitious courtroom drama that exposes the government lies and incompetence, gross medical malpractice, and unbridled greed by a drug company that caused our American AIDS epidemic and cost 300,000 lives in just ten years – five times the number killed in the entire Vietnam War! After twenty-five years, you will finally learn the truth about HIV and AIDS as it unfolds in this three-trillion-dollar class-action lawsuit. Read the testimony of witness after witness, all based on over 900 actual medical and scientific research papers and reports, that when the FDA finally approved AZT in 1987 “the drug that was supposed to cure AIDS” it began causing AIDS; and every person who took it – healthy or not – would die within four years. Find out from expert legal witnesses why the virus we have been calling HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS. Also available as an AudioBook.

Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS – by Celia Farber. (2006) Because of its catastrophic impact and the unique time and place it struck, AIDS very quickly became more than a medical story. It took on tremendous political, moral, sexual, religious, intellectual and economic significance as well, and Farber argues that these elements soon came to dominate and distort the medical science. If she’s right, pretty much everything we’ve been told about AIDS–what it is, what causes it, how it spreads, how it may be resisted and cured–is wrong, a collusion of panic, politics and greed. AIDS became a dogma, and anyone who questioned it a heretic. At great cost to her career, Farber has questioned the dogma for 20 years. This book is a fascinating alternate history of AIDS, a chronology of how she and other “heretics” believe it all went wrong. This is not kooky conspiracy theory. Ultimately, it’s an Orwellian treatise on intellectual totalitarianism in our time.

Science Sold Out: Does HIV Really Cause AIDS? – by Rebecca Culshaw. (2006) The HIV/AIDS hypothesis remains highly controversial, despite the best efforts of medical and insurance establishments, the government, and the media to promote its acceptance. Rebecca Culshaw spent years researching HIV for her work constructing mathematical models of its interactions with the immune system. Rarely do researchers bite the hand that funds them, but Culshaw felt she had no choice. In Science Sold Out, she focuses on the changing definition of AIDS and the flaws in all HIV testing. In a much broader sense, she explains how the current, government-based structure of scientific research has corrupted science in the search for truth. The book offers not only scientific reasons for repudiating the HIV/AIDS theory, but also sociological explanations of how the theory was accepted by the media and the world so quickly. Science Sold Out also represents a scathing critique of the outrageous discrimination that HIV-positives have faced since the theory was first accepted.

The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory – by Henry H. Bauer. (2007) This book collates and analyzes, for the first time, the results of more than two decades of HIV testing, revealing that common assumptions about HIV and AIDS are incompatible with the published data. HIV is neither sexually transmitted nor increasingly prevalent. HIV and AIDS are not correlated geographically. HIV and AIDS are not correlated chronologically. HIV and AIDS are not correlated in their relative impact on women and men. Nor are HIV and AIDS correlated in their relative impact on white and black people. But how could everyone have been so wrong for so long?

I Am Kasper Klotz: A Novel – by Sky Gilbert. (2002) Sky Gilbert explores the culture of AIDS, exploring the minds of those whose lives revolve around the virus, the gay men who are running scared, barebacking, taking toxic drugs and raising funds for others similarly afflicted. Is Kasper Klotz an unrepentant serial killer? Or is he redeemable? When he makes the mistake of purposely infecting a beautiful young Midwesterner, he’s accused, like a handful of other HIV-positive men in North America, of assault and attempted murder. A woman obsessed with Ayn Rand and her ever-expanding waistline, makes the incarcerated Kasper her mission. A hilarious, politically incorrect rant, I Am Kasper Klotz is a medical-scientific mystery: a thriller about what makes the AIDS virus tick.

Debating AZT: Mbeki and the AIDS Drug Controversy Рby Anthony Brink. (1999) On 28 October 1999, after reading an early draft of High Court advocate Anthony Brink’s book, South African President Thabo Mbeki ordered an inquiry into the safety of the AIDS drug AZT. This book is only available in a .pdf file which you can open and then save on your computer.

The AIDS Cult: Essays on the gay health crisis – by John Lauritsen and Ian Young. (1997) This book presents articles and essays by several men who have a lot to say about why AIDS happened and why it continues to happen. And it has very little if nothing to do with a virus. Citing every possibility from epidemic hysteria to psychoneuroimmunology to death by poisoning, this book alone does more for AIDS research than 18 years and 40 billion dollars of “official” research will ever contribute. Whether you agree that there’s something terribly amiss with AIDS research and official explanations and treatments or not, this book is an amazing grass-roots attempt to open up dialog and encourage the kind of critical thought sorely needed in the highly political AIDS Industry. After reading this book, you’ll come to realize that the socially-constructed disease known as AIDS can stop if we want it to–we have the power and always have.

Deadly Deception: The Proof That Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS – by Robert Willner. (1994) While Dr. Willner’s style is fairly dramatic, the arguments are well-founded. Essentially, he agrees with most of what Peter Duesberg argues. If you want an easy introduction to the position taken by AIDS dissidents, read this book. If you’re looking for a more scholarly approach, read Duesberg’s book “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. Still, this is a great book. It’s a very easy read. It’s clear that Willner is pretty angry about the whole AIDS fraud, and that comes through in his book. Don’t let that dissuade you from reading it, though, because after all YOU SHOULD BE ANGRY! Read it with an open mind, because we can’t afford to indulge a premature AIDS consensus any longer. It’s been 18 years since Dr. Gallo announced his bogus HIV virus hypothesis as fact, and we don’t have anything to show for all of the money and effort spent, now do we? The whole HIV dogma is going to eventually go down as the greatest medical/scientific/political fraud in the history of the world.